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    Providing Quality Education for all

    Students who
    Delta College

Increased Career Technical Education/
Vocational Training

Delta College must increase programs that teach our students marketable skills to enter the workforce and begin successful careers.  Not every student will go on to a 4-year university.  We should provide hands-on classes that give students the training to go directly into high-paying jobs.

Fiscal Responsibility
and Accountability

Delta College is funded by taxpayers.  As such, we must always strive to be completely transparent and responsive.  As an institution, our annual budget is a public document and all spending decisions are made at our board meetings where the public is encouraged to attend and ask questions.

Increase Transfer Rates
to Universities

While not every Delta student will go on to a 4-year university, we need to provide a quality education for those who will.  Delta should have plentiful and inexpensive lower division courses that allow students to transfer to a four year college or university.  By taking these courses at Delta, students can get vital credits they need without high tuition costs.